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yo. let’s go to the jungle.

The chubsters’ first week in the Philippines has been action packed. The adventure truly began in Cebu, where we met up with Kevin, the first male chubster. From Cebu, we made our way to Alona beach on the island of Bohol where we celebrated Gibney’s 26th birthday. Tequila shots anyone? A night of air guitar, seaweed swimming, multiple foot injuries and a little bit of vomit made for a very chubster birthday. We spent the next day sipping on coconuts and floating in crystal clear tropical waters in a desperate attempt to rehydrate.

After a lot of beach time, Kevin was like, “Yo. Let’s go to the jungle.” And we were like, “Okay.”

So off to the outdoor adventure hub of central Bohol we went. Our outdoorsy activities began immediately with a wilderness trek to our accommodation, Nuts Huts. After descending hundreds of stairs, we set down our bags and took a dip in the river. Floating in fresh water is hard, so we promptly got out and began drinking beer. After approximately 30 beers we decided to sign up for the morning cave/mountain hike.

Things that are not fun: being hungover and woken up at 7 am to go on a jungle hike by a still drunk Kevin blasting Wham! on his laptop. Tempers started high, but after the first bit of uphill hiking in the humid jungle, the beer had been sweat out and the chubsters were too exhausted to be angry. Unfortunately we had about 3 more hours of hiking and cave trekking to go. At one point in the caves, the guide had us all turn off our flashlights so we could experience the utter darkness. While the group stood totally still in the pitch black, Emily Brown somehow lost her balance and fell over into bat poop. Covered in guano, sweat, and mud, the chubsters decided to reward themselves at the top of the mountain with a zip-line ride overlooking the canyon and river. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Monthly exercise quota filled, back to the beach we went. We headed north to the island of Leyte on a wooden boat full of farm animals. Squealing pigs and stinky cows weren’t enough to distract the chubsters from the stunning landscape views of the surrounding islands. One crowded jeepney ride later, we arrived in Padre Burgos at Peter’s Dive Resort. After a failed attempt at snorkeling (our masks were leaking, the jelly fish were stinging, and a poisonous lion fish was spotted) we decided to embrace Filipino culture with a night of local spirits and videoke. Song selection included: Bad Romance, Baby, and the world’s slowest version of Tearin’ Up My Heart. Luckily we were the only patrons of the videoke bar. Note: Kevin is a videoke rock star! Voice of an angel.

The next morning Gibney smelled like a homeless person.

Today we went snorkeling. The first dive was awesome, we saw tons of fish and unidentified colorful marine life. Our second dive was less successful as we swam into an oil slick, which blinded us and made us easy targets for the jelly fish. Ouch!

Our ratings: (one poop being hiking through the jungle hungover, five poops being Kevin at videoke)

Cebu Guesthouse: 4 poops (ac, tv lounge area, wifi, bar, ice cream, stinky bathroom)

Citadel Alona Bed & Breakfast: 5 poops (laundry hanging area, wifi, communal kitchen, clean bathroom)

Nuts Huts: 5 poops!!! (good food, cool setup, river, friendly staff, hammocks)

GV Hotel: 3 poops (ac, awkwardly placed tv with no english channels, strange column in the middle of a tiny room, 3 tiny beds for 4 people)

Peter’s Dive Resort: 5 poops!! (gave us FOUR rolls of toilet paper :), hot shower w/shower curtain, towels, tv, ac, appropriate number of beds, amazing porch view, ideal hammock situation, and delicious bread)

Jollibee’s Fast-food Chain: 5 poops!!! (tuna pie, hashbrown cheeseburger, aka a cheeseburger sandwiched between two hashbrowns, yum)

Ube Ice Cream: 5 poops! (purple, delicious)

Items lost:

Bennett’s sunglasses

Communal green sunglasses

-the chubsters

chubster travel tip # 1,357

Always choose the cheapest possible transport and accommodation options so as to have more money for food and beer.

reverse bungee.

ladies of luxury

The chubsters were kept women during our stop in Singapore.  The Walkers, family friends of Emily Brown’s parents, offered us a free place to stay in their awesome house, along with all the delicious food and drinks that you can imagine.  Every time we ventured into the kitchen we were handed a beer, a glass of champagne (with strawberries!) and/or a plate of fantastic food.  The chubsters were in heaven.    

Singapore is like a futuristic American city with over 2800 restaurants, huge shopping malls and the cleanest public transportation system in the world.  During our stay in the city we went to the movies, ate at numerous great restaurants, went on a reverse bungee, and saw live music.  A grand time was had by all, and now we are ready to take on the Philippines, for our last two weeks of World Tour!

our ratings (one poop being hungover on the plane, five poops being the Walker family)

the walker house: 5 poops!!! (great people, awesome food, washing machine, cable tv, air con, internet, hoegarden!)

all restaurants: 5 poops (delicious food)

the iron lady: 5 poops (meryl streep being awesome)

- the chubsters